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At The Stahl House, Case Study House Number #22.

At The Stahl House, Case Study House Number #22.

Hi, I’m Katherine. I write about geriatric and animal healthcare and adaptive reuse and historic preservation architecture.

Exterior of The Stahl House, Case Study House Number #22, designed by Pierre Koenig.

Exterior of The Stahl House, Case Study House Number #22, designed by Pierre Koenig.

I’ve always felt a sense of urgency about the things and people who came before us. History books can teach us a lot but never as much, or as deeply, as the people and the things they’ve left behind like art and architecture. I’m passionate about incorporating elements of the past into the present. 

It’s something I learned from having older parents. Our family gatherings were part salon with historical, artistic and political discussions. I learned about historical events from people who had lived through them. And I was often the youngest person in the room by a good 50 years. I learned to listen and take in my surroundings.

I developed a natural desire to tell other people’s stories and a knack for spotting the core issue and human element in every story, which led me to pursue a career in journalism.

Throughout my career I’ve told hundreds of stories for publications such as the Los Angeles Times and The Christian Science Monitor. I’ve identified newsworthy stories and sold them to media outlets and I’ve run with stories that were assigned to me.

I’ve written architectural features about The Los Angeles Theatre and a company that specializes in glass and window installations. I’ve profiled a wide variety of people including a Native American Elvis tribute artist, a real-life cowboy balladeer, a national cheerleading champion, directors and creative talent from Disney as well as celebrities from TV shows such as The OfficeSex and the City, and Ugly Betty. My animal health and behavior articles have appeared on PetMD.com. I’ve also worked in an editorial capacity on the staff of FLEX magazine, for small press book publishers including Balcony Press (an art and architecture publisher), for Statement (a now defunct lifestyle magazine that was a cross between Town & Country and InStyle) and for a digital publisher converting over 50 print titles into iPhone compatible apps.

I know how to pull out the interesting information and balance it with critical facts and statistics.

In my work both as a writer and as a research interviewer, I’ve developed active listening skills, which helps ensure my client’s stories come through and unfold in a pure and comfortable manner (as an interviewer on a nationwide study about young adults for the RAND Corporation I persuaded more teenagers to talk to me than any other interviewer on our team). I am adept at connecting and engaging with my clients to guide them in revealing often-overlooked tidbits and anecdotes.

If you could use help telling your story and connecting with your audience on a deeper level reach out to me here